Monday, January 22, 2007

Carly and Mike

A winter wedding brings with it the chance of snow and cold, we have already had more than 4 feet of snow in Colorado in the last month. But that wasn't going to keep anyone from having a wonderful time; and it certainly wasn't going to keep Mike and Carly from having a beautiful and momentous wedding celebration. Luckily we didn't get any snow which made taking pictures a bit easier. The ceremony started on time (just barely) and was perfect. From the church there was a limo ride to Red Rocks and then Clear Creek Park in Golden, an exploded bottle of tonic water and a few stained clothes didn't keep anyone from enjoying themselves. Carly and Mike both looked great and their happiness was contagious. Their love and affection made it so easy to take their pictures. The reception was amazing; wonderful families, great food, great friends and quite a bit of dancing. We learned who the true "best man" was, and we found out you CAN have too much alcohol at a wedding reception. I wish Carly and Mike all kinds of luck and happiness for the rest of their lives, and I sincerely thank them for giving me the opportunity to be involved on such an incredible day.

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