Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shane and Carmen

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be the photographer for Shane and Carmen's wedding. I worked with Shane's mother at the time, and she had mentioned how her son was getting married; I casually mentioned how I could photograph the wedding, and before I knew it I was a professional wedding photographer. They had a very small wedding, only close family and friends; often times these are the most intimate of weddings. It was good for me because there weren't very many people to photograph, I didn't have to keep track of 150 or more people.

Carmen entering the church.

The best thing about weddings is the happiness. There are few times in peoples lives where they are genuinely happy; everyones wedding day is one of these days. Shane and Carmen's day was no different, both of them smiling from ear to ear, almost unable to stop. Shane's mother Suzanne told me over and over she hadn't ever seen him so happy in his whole life. These are the moments that are priceless, when everyone around you realizes how genuine your excitement level is.

Big Smiles

It was a Catholic ceremony, which is familiar to me, so I felt comfortable photographing the ceremony. I knew what was happening at what time. The pictures at the altar are always great because you get a very genuine look from everyone. They aren't trying to pose for anyone, they are just looking at each other and pondering what the priest is saying.

At the altar

The reception was fun, having a small wedding allows everyone to feel close to the newly married couple. Everyone gets to give their congratulations and spend some quality time with the couple. The intimate setting gives the two different sides of the family to meet, and get to know each other.

Cutting the cake

Shane and Carmen met in a very unorthodox way, and they barely knew each other before they decided to get married. Carmen was born and raised in the Philippines, and her first trip out of her home country was to the United States just 9 months before her wedding. To me this just shows that there is no "right" way to meet, there is no one way that two people find each other and fall in love. Finding that one person who makes you truly happy, and finding your true love is as unique and individual as every couple out there. I have no doubt that Shane and Carmen will live a long and happy life together. Thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day, it was an honor.

The End